I <3 UB

Ulaanbaatar gets a bad rap in just about any travel guide or travel site you read and frankly I think its pretty unfair.  I love UB and found it to be a beautiful and vibrant city with different looks, friendly people and an electric pulse that coursed through the streets. Things are happening in UB, good things and the evidence is everywhere.  The city does have its rough edges and dark side but any good city with a solid personality has these things.  The wealth gap is very visible and immense but that happens in ever young, developing nation of the modern era.  Ulaanbaatar can be dangerous to foreigners but usually if you’re not very bright or unaware of your surroundings.  It reminded me of San Francisco in the 1800’s. A boomtown that was wild yet springing forward in great leaps due to wealth flowing into the city. The Wild West with iPhones.  If you give it a chance and explore the city you will find its charming ruggedness, appreciate its beauty in multiple forms and forgive its flaws.  UB has a lot of qualities I like in women so its no surprise I fell in love with the city.